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Title: Hydrodynamic coupling and synchronization of colloidal oscillators
Released: 14/08/2013, updated: 21/11/2013
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Thesis realised at the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge and supervised by Pietro Cicuta.

Examined by Eric Lauga and Miles Padgett.


Colloidal particles are driven by optical tweezers to understand the emergence of synchronization of oscillators present in the living world, such as cilia or flagella. Each oscillator is made of a single spherical colloidal particle driven by moving traps according to a prescribed rule. Different models of free-phase oscillators are built to study their synchronization properties. They show that the hydrodynamic coupling plays a key role in the synchronization of cilia and flagella. The simplicity of the models, allows to make quantitative estimates on the synchronization properties in several cases, including the effect of thermal noise, which is present at these micrometric length scales.

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Co-author of Annales corrigées des problèmes posés aux Concours 2013 at H&K editions
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  • 2013, 2014: PC Physique et Chimie (ISBN: 978-2351412954)
  • 2014: MP Physique et Chimie (ISBN: 978-2351412930)

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