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I am currently a full stack web developer at Viveris Technologies in Montpellier, where I mainly develop web and AWS services.



I like to get the hands dirty on complex back end problems that common libraries may not be able to solve. This includes connecting components written in different languages, and dealing with requests that trigger large calculations or resources retrieval. It often takes advantage of state of the art technologies for data processing and image analysis. At the same time, I try to keep the user interfaces as simple as possible.

I am also involved in several open source and personal projects, mostly related to science; see here.

Before becoming a web developer, I have been a researcher in academia for over 10 years, dealing a lot with the analysis of large data sets.

Major languages and libraries: Python (Django, FastAPI, SQLAlchemy), Java (Spring MVC, Spring Boot), C++ (Qt)

Examples of websites I have been working on:,,


Please email me if you wish a detailed CV.



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